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Friday, June 4, 2021

I had had wrong link to the stems since "A song for you."

 Yeah.. Sometimes I copy and paste the descrpition to a song from a older piece and 

those naturally have links to older google drive folder. Then.. Sometimes I keep on copying 

the wrong link and this happens.. It has been years since it happened last! Thank you for 

the guy who told me I had the wrong link up! 

They are all changed now.. 

About music.. I am in a weird new phase with my disease. My epilepsy meds were upped, I get slight seizures a lot.. I would love to make music, but they inevitably lead to seizures so I have not done music.. But then again everything else seems to lead to them too.. But they are pretty slight.. Yet.. I am doing other things as of late, waiting for my next CT which is on June 11th.. It is a new phase in my life / with the disease and I might return to music later.. 

Weirdly I am listening to music more than I used to for years.. I am returning back to 50's 60's Jazz. Dean Martin / Sinatra / etc.. I scoot with my e scooter and even drive a bike.. Which for some weird reason feels good for me to do.. The constant movement.. What I find weird is that I can listen to music, but making it stresses me.. I actually would love to do a slow 50's style song.. But the thought of it leading to seizures keeps me from it.. I do have some lyrical ideas (I know no one listens to my music with lyrics, but still.) 

But most of all. I am loving to listen to music once again. For a quite a while I barely listened to music earlier.. 


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