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Monday, June 7, 2021

Georgia Blue

I found if I listen to something else while making music I can make music.. A little.. 

I still got one passing seizure feeling tho.. Oh well.

I still have the hematoma.. My brain surgeon told me the liquid irritates the brain and 
is causing the epilepsy.. I have noticed that driving with my e scooter (without suspension) 
irritates the epilepsy, which kind a makes sense (shaky rides). Yesterday I felt like poop 
in the evening, had my nose full on running, my stomach was messed up and I drove fast 
to corona test 5 miles away.. That probably did not help.. :D Life! But on the up side, the 
test came negative.. So it was probably something I ate / am allergic to. 

    The project is made with FLstudio v 20:


 The FLP file is at: (346 Georgia Blue.zip)  


It uses:

Friday, June 4, 2021

Slow Burn

Making this, I think I figured how to not get the epileptic feelings while making music.. 

I was playing spotify as I was making music.. Ie, listening nice music in the background 
WHILE making my own piece.. Then every now and then lowering volume of the song 

to concentrate on my own project.. Lol... Haxoring my own brain. 

   The project is made with FLstudio v 20:


 The FLP file is at: (344 Slow Burn.zip)  


It uses:

I had had wrong link to the stems since "A song for you."

 Yeah.. Sometimes I copy and paste the descrpition to a song from a older piece and 

those naturally have links to older google drive folder. Then.. Sometimes I keep on copying 

the wrong link and this happens.. It has been years since it happened last! Thank you for 

the guy who told me I had the wrong link up! 

They are all changed now.. 

About music.. I am in a weird new phase with my disease. My epilepsy meds were upped, I get slight seizures a lot.. I would love to make music, but they inevitably lead to seizures so I have not done music.. But then again everything else seems to lead to them too.. But they are pretty slight.. Yet.. I am doing other things as of late, waiting for my next CT which is on June 11th.. It is a new phase in my life / with the disease and I might return to music later.. 

Weirdly I am listening to music more than I used to for years.. I am returning back to 50's 60's Jazz. Dean Martin / Sinatra / etc.. I scoot with my e scooter and even drive a bike.. Which for some weird reason feels good for me to do.. The constant movement.. What I find weird is that I can listen to music, but making it stresses me.. I actually would love to do a slow 50's style song.. But the thought of it leading to seizures keeps me from it.. I do have some lyrical ideas (I know no one listens to my music with lyrics, but still.) 

But most of all. I am loving to listen to music once again. For a quite a while I barely listened to music earlier..