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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Rock And Roll Rooster

With synthesized vocals

I have started another channel that has synthesized "type of" vocals. 

I will not provide those vocals in the project files. 

Here is Rock And Roll rooster. 


Rock And Roll Rooster 

my heart full of fire 

and head full of tunes

i am coming after you

with my rock and roll guitar 

with my rock and roll guitar

with my rock and roll guitar

i am a rock and roll rooster 

rock and roll rooster 

i am a rock and roll rooster 

looking for a hen


and rolling 

like a locomotive 

its my job


The project is made with Fl Studio v 20.7 

The FLP file is at: (199 Rock And Roll Rooster instrumental.zip)

It uses:

Kontakt 6:

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