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Monday, November 23, 2020

Making Deals With God (With AI 2pac)

This is a piece I wrote back in 2013. I just added the AI 2Pac lyrics to it which I generated at vo.codes . It is a song about guilt. About making deals with God, to save ones soul. Yes I have made another song with the "Deals With God" chorus.

The song is inspired by "In The Air Tonight" which is why I picked it, 2pac rapped on it in "Starin through my rear view" so I figured they could fit.

Making Deals With God (With AI 2pac)

you can shoot me

but you can not 

kill me 

do the voices in your head bother you 

voices of dead coming back to you 

you can kill my body 

but you cant kill my spirit

you can kill my body 

and then you will die too 

making deals with God 

to keep you from hell

praying you don't have to pay 

for the gunshots in the night

making deals 


with God

am I fool in the rain 

saying your name 

slowly going insane 

on my way to grave

everything that i do 

time washes away 

everything that i love 

you take away 

making deals with God

Am I just losing my?

i am just a sinner on a road to nowhere 

i am just a sinner in a world of pain 

i have been trying to find you 

but i stumble and fall 

i have been lost in the desert 

looking for your 


making deals with God 

Am i just losing my 



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