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Thursday, July 30, 2020

I think am on the line for the surgery now.

I had a meeting scheduled with a psychologist to assess if I am capable of having the surgery already. It was supposed to be at the beginning of next month. According to her she sees no reason why the surgery should not happen.

So I think I am on the line now. My neurologist told me after this visit I would be on line if the psychologist thinks I am capable of having it psychologically.

Maybe I could have the neuralink chip implanted to my head while they do it:



I actually wrote a story in the beginning of this year about having a chip implanted to me which would cure my epilepsy - BEFORE knowing I had the cavernoma:


I think writing the story in part inspired me to get my third MRI which finally led to the discovery of the cavernoma which we now know (through video eeg) is the reason for my epilepsy..

In the story I had a brain surgery. Now I am having one in real life too.. Only the neuralink chip is missing.. Elon? :D


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