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Friday, March 20, 2020

Time Goes By (2020)




A faster, re sung version with slight lyrics difference.

Time Goes By

My spirit its restless tonight
my sole, company
is a fly

Time goes by
and everything must change yeah
time goes by
and nothing stays the same

but misery

it buzzes around
like a fly

you can hit it
but you can not kill it


i am gonna feed it

make it a friend

why not?

i need friends anyway

you know how it goes..

time goes by

you can count on
life is beautiful
it drives you insane

you fall down
on your knees

but you must get up
again and again

time goes by


my God
i am just a fly
buzzing around
until i die

you can count on
life is beautiful
it drives you insane



goes by

but misery

it never dies

you can have a good moment


you can have a good year


read the bible
see it printed in bold
nothing will escape
but the precious precious soul

here comes another
crushing blow
can you take it
or will you fold

time goes by

here comes tornado
a hurricane
a train?

can you stand it
when you are set

see the time
see the time

it goes by

it goes by


The project is made with FLstudio v 20.6 (new version is more stable)

 The FLP file is at: (71 Time Goes By.zip)

It uses:

Sforzando by Plogue: 


Is playing  Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra by Mattias Westlund
that is no longer available. Use another SSO

Sonatina Orchestra Module by Mattias Westlund and bigcat instruments:


Keyzone Classic 

NI Kore player (standing bass)

Kore player has been discontinued by Native Instruments.

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