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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

I was listening to my vocal pieces from past few years.


I used to say, I am "God's joke".

Pretty bad one I see.

What can I say? Active epilepsy? Multiple seizures a day? Bleeding vein
in my brain? Heavy medications?

But still. God I have written some crappy lyrics and crappy songs.

Instrumentals. I guess they are a little stronger. But the vocals and lyrics.

Little wonder my wife left me. :)

She must have been so ashamed of being married to me.

I would have been.

Thank God I was not.

Now that would have been just plain weird.

But then again.. I am by myself..

So.. Ahh.. Put me out of my misery.




  1. Hey there from a stranger,
    if it helps, I really appreciate your work and that you consistently write music for everyone to enjoy. Keep it up and don't be too hard on yourself! Hope you're feeling better soon.