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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

I took down 500+ vocal songs.

Yes. I took down 500 + songs from my vocal site.


I also removed vocal songs from my youtube instrumental channel.

It was pretty tough to face the reality of the sheer amount of crap
I have written. Also, facing the different phases of my disease.

On the seroquel (A drug I was given to the "anxiety disorder" doctors
assumed I had instead of cavernoma) years when I wrote piece a day. I apparently just quit trying. I just said what ever came to mind without even trying to sing. . Granted I have been doing that lately too.

Also, hitting around 2015 I realize my style has changed completely.

It is weird. Almost like I have become another person. Well, my energy levels
were off the scales back then compared to now etc.

I guess my youthfulness disappeared around that time. I was just
suffering too much..

I may start taking down some of the remaining ones too.

It is rather sad day.


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