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Saturday, March 7, 2020

Christus Sanctus

EDIT: Ignore the following, I hated the phrases. They sucked used the way I used them.
I left some in the end. But replaced most of them with the Sonatina SSO Pizzicatos
both Cello and 1st Violin. I know the timing on the pizzicato's is a little off.

I am certain the phrase idea could work. But I would have to know Latin and work with
real Choir. Or selectively pick some phrases out of the nucleus Library.

I also removed the varying tempo.


A weird project. Like yesterday, inspired by the sounds of Nucleus LE 

It came with these staccato choir phrases. I can hear there is "Christus Sanctus" 
there somewhere. So that is why I called the piece Christus Sanctus.

When I was playing with the phrases. I realized the tempo should vary. So I 
introduced a weird varying tempo between 95 and 104. I think it works. 

I could have expanded it. Made it less trailer ish. Made it more classical. Maybe 
some day. 


The project is made with FLstudio v 20.6 (new version is more stable)

 The FLP file is at: (60 Christus Sanctus.zip)

It uses:

Kontakt player 6 playing Nucleus LE strings: 

Also playing instance of Nucleus Epic Trailer sounds freebie.

Sforzando by Plogue:

Is playing  Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra by Mattias Westlund
that you can download at:


The instruments used are written in instrument headers.

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