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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Looks like I am headed to brain surgery.

I had a meeting with the top neurosurgeon in Finland.

Remember the MRI I took few weeks ago?

He showed it to me and pointed the cavernoma I have.

Basically I have a 1 cm x 0.5 cm hole in my brain.

(Explains the bad songs? :))

All my symptoms from the past 9 years make complete sense to him. He had
done a paper in cavernoma surgery and how it relates to epilepsy. We are probably
going to do it through public system due to the 30 000 euro price tag that it would be
if we did it privately here in Finland. Although you can not put price on health.

If it happens, when it happens I will let you people know.

Now. I am off to try to just chill. I will make music when I feel like it. But do not
be surprised if there will be less music. If something happens to me that makes it
hard for me to make music after surgery. I will let you guys know about that too.
If I die. Quietness will do the talking. Risk is small though he said.

There is a small chance the epilepsy and other problems like bi polar could get better! Which gives me hope for the first time in 9 years. Just to be able to take less of these awful medicines would prolong my life.

Basically my initial feeling 9 years ago that something happened in my brain when
I felt like my whole skin was on fire was right. But my initial thought was brain tumor which
I did not have. The doctors do not seem to understand that cavernomas do not give
as severe symptoms but are very hard for us patients anyway.

The doctors performed a standard neurological exam to me each time after I said
about my feeling that there is something wrong in my brain, in which you touch
 your nose with both hands etc. But due to the cavernoma affecting me too
little for me to fail that test. They never took a MRI
which would have revealed that I was right. So we went with their diagnosis
which was anxiety disorder.

Well. Here we are. Onwards and hopefully not upwards too soon. But as I said, if I
kick the bucket. I hope the music I have made will serve some people after my death

It has been a pleasure.

Antti Luode

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