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Monday, January 27, 2020

A poem I wrote in October 1998 to usenet group rec.arts.poems

Addicted to music
My name is Antti
and I am a addict.
I listen to music.
You can find me from a shower
singing like Luciano Pavarotti during a bad flu
and the next moment
I can be wearing giant Sun Glasses
listening to U2.
U2 a addict?
Do your legs become electric wire
when AC DC is plugged on and live?
Do you spend your late night sessions with the moon
accompanied by Beethovens fourteenth sonata?
I do.
I am
a man of all the nationalities
play me some Jean Sibelius and I am a Finn
Play me some John Cougar Mellencamp
and I am ready to dance on the sand of Texas with a cowboy hat,
play me some Bjork
and I will speak swedish with a twist.
Music for me
is the apple tree of Eden
and I can not help but eat
bite that juicy fruit.
That makes me forget
I am just another no good dreamer.


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