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Sunday, November 24, 2019

You lost It all (2019)



Song that goes back 2006 which I redid completely in 2018

I made small instrument changes. Removed piano in parts where 
it was not needed. Made bass line simpler. 

Also, I boosted the vocals / snares and made the chorus in the end just repeat with a fade out. 

Plus some other fx edits. 

Its funny how you do not hear these things when you make songs. You are 
so caught up in the mix that you do not see what you should do. Like this mix
was just way too busy. Way too quiet in some parts. 

It really does make sense to have sound engineers mastering the songs instead of 
artists themselves. Too bad I can not afford a sound engineer. Another set of ears 
can do miracles. 


The new instrumental got a copyright dispute! :D 

The less busy mixes DID NOT! 

I have never heard heard the song (some Spanish song, I do not listen 
to Spanish music) was supposed to have copied..


You Lost It All

what in world
what in world
are you going to do now

on this night
so cold
under scarlet moon

little boy
in you
can never go home

little girl
in her
will always cry

you lost it 
you lost it all
you got bankrupt
on your way
to the dream

what was yours
you never had
you are just a rat
without a home

so squeak on
scream on
get your freak on
rock from dust till dawn

you lost it 
you lost it all
you got bankrupt
on your way
to the dream

free bird, free turd
world is yours, not

so where do you go
when the world is ash
where do you go
when your world has crashed

are you going to pray
will you wish
on a shooting star
to go through your heart

where do you go
when nobody wants you
when do you go
when your children disown own

where do you go
when your world is on fire
where do you go
when they call you a liar


The project is made with FLstudio v 20.5 (new version is more stable)


 The FLP file is at: (6 You lost it all.zip)

It uses: