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Monday, November 25, 2019

My "Orchestra" was asked to go perform in China.

Either A someone is joking with me, B targeted spam is getting weird or C Chinese company just asked my "Orchestra" to come perform in China every weeknight with weekend reserved for rehearsing. I am leaning strongly on A or B :D

Now I wonder who wants me to fly to China..

"Dear director,

With demand for for Chinese cultural market, our culture and the company's cooperation, we plan to let you come to China performances,
Please describe in detail the contents of your team, how many artists can come to China?
show time every day at 8: 30-22: 30, at night,
During the day you can rehearse every weekend break, you can travel during the break,
During Chinese activities, we will have two assistants accompany you in English, in flight between the Chinese cities are responsible for us, you need to use your prop transport to China, we are responsible for your visa,
Please provide a detailed introduction."