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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Story of internet money..

At reddit "We Are The Music Makers", somebody posted this
 video showing how well, some people do making beats..
(The guys behind Internet money, I post their tutorials here 

Some people actually make money doing this.

Not going to lie, makes me a little jealous. But then again
that path was not for me. I stumbled on to music at age 26.
Clueless, still am..

As I've said many times, something in me fights timing. I am
not a "natural musician". I am not a good learner when it comes to
technique, I was not good in maths. Especially now with the
epilepsy / meds messing with my mind / memory..

My big brother and dad are engineers, but I am more kind of
wild weed. A random number generator with epilepsy included..

These kinds of guys.. They are not stupid. They deserve every
penny, yet. Would they do this if they did not make any money
out of it?

Or is that just what crazy people like I do.. :D

I wrote this on reddit to keep kids from getting too crazy about
trying to follow this path:

Remember kids, not everyone follows the same path.
Sounds like these guys had everything needed. 1 motivation 2 ability to learn (genes) 3 luck
The CEO had his mother die and he had to hustle since 7th grade. That creates unimaginable motivation (paying for moms cancer meds). Then when you throw in there the skill (genes) , luck (how did he stumble on to realization he can do this at early age) and motivation (having to hustle, being broke).
This guy was on a path.
A lot of us are not nearly as motivated, lucky (stumble onto music at later age for instance) or skilled.
So don't think this is just going to happen to anyone.
Thank you internet money for your videos. I watch them sometimes.

It is very few guys who do this well making music.. 


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