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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Sagregama wanted to keep copyright to "Syrup For Orchestra" on Youtube

Concerning this video:


I appealed the decision with this post on Youtube:

"I make instrumental music and release it under creative commons 3.0 BY for all to use on Youtube.

I made this song October 19th 2016 and initially released it at my soundclick site:


I reieased it under creative commons 3.0 BY so that all people can use it for free.

I also released the FL Studio FLP files for it at my blog post about the song and the instruments used in it at:


I do not listen to Indian music.

Any similarity to this other song if any is co incidental.

If you take this song down. Can I start sending copyright notices at all songs by Sagregama publishing. Because that is what they are doing. They are sending me false notifications?

If a human being reads this and not a machine. Just think about this.

If this a machine that reads it on Youtube end.

Well then I guess nothing in this diatribe matters and your system is completely and utterly broken.

Antti Luode"

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