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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Copyright claim from Kobalt Music publishing on Youtube

For "Flower Through concrete"

God.. Maybe I should go to the dark side and start doing copyright claims on all Youtube popular videos. That is how the world rolls I guess..

Best thing to do would be to start harassing people who send me these BS claims.. :D

Hmm.. That actually sounds pretty good..

The Indian Sagregama publishing won claim against my "Syrup for orchestra". .

It is pretty fucked up feeling to have made a song and then have someone else claim they did it.. I am going to appeal. But if I lose they take my song off youtube. Not that I care.

Youtube is absolutely stinking. Hot mess.

EDIT: I got another one for "Months". Seems like May 1st is the national
send false copyright claims on youtube day.


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