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Friday, March 29, 2019

I wrote the record company claiming "Syrup For Orchestra" (Saregama publishing from India.)

Dear sirs. 

Subject: You are claiming my song as your on Youtube. 

I make one song a day: 

Lately I have been uploading the 1920+ instrumental pieces on Youtube. 

I got a claim from your record company that my song

Syrup for Orchestra: 

Infringes on a song you have publishing rights to: 

OOE! - OOE! by:
I disputed the claim because I made the song myself. 

I do not listen to Indian music. I have never heard this song in my life. 

You did not back down. You claim I have copied your song. 


I am epileptic musician with nothing but music to give. Which I give 
freely for all people to use. You are not only hurting me. But you are hurting 
people who use my free music on Youtube. 

I understand  this if you are cold, calculating and ruthless. 

But if you have any heart. 

Please back down. 


Antti Luode from Finland, EUROPE. 

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