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Monday, March 4, 2019

Brief Respite (V2)

EDIT: I made the harp and rhodes a little quieter.. 

EDIT: Took off the fast part in the middle. Still used the guitar parts, 
turned them to a harp though. The song is pretty because it is simple, it 
does not need the loud part in the middle (now removed).

The project is made with FLstudio v 20.01!


 The FLP file is at: (19 Brief Respite (V2).zip)


It uses:

Spitfire Audio Labs: (The pads / soft piano / Choir)


Neo Piano mini:

Sforzando by Plogue:

Is playing  Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra by Mattias Westlund
that you can't download at his site anymore. Replace it with another 

The instruments used are written in instrument headers.

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