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Monday, February 25, 2019

Why modern music is getting simpler..

Good talk by Rick Beato and Rhett Shull on how music is getting simpler and
WHY it is getting simpler: The thing I took home from it was: "Modern music is written on Tuesday between 9 - 5 by songwriting groups with pressure to make money for the label.."

Also. It really is getting simpler and simpler by the decade. Music 10 years ago was
more complicated than today. The further back you go.. The more complicated it was..

At the same time. Production value is going up. So audio engineers are getting better
while songwriting focuses solely on making catchy, radio friendly songs that people
want to consume like fast food.

Which is understandable. You make money. You want to keep on making money. More
money if possible. 


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