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Thursday, February 21, 2019

What does a music supervisor do?

"A music supervisor is a person who combines music and visual media. "

I have not even been thinking about this side of the business.

Some people have to place the music in films (etc) and supervise the whole process. 

I have had a correspondence lately with David Hayman, a Canadian music supervisor 
who does exactly that. He has a podcast "The music supercast", check it out: 

(This episode has Grammy award winning Andre Allen Anjos and John Fulford) 

I have always known that the music biz includes a ton of very highly skilled, driven people. 

The songwriter is just a piece of that. Without the full team behind you. You chances of 
making it are pretty low. You need all these people: music supervisors, audio engineers, 
managers, coaches, studio musicians and so on. 

Sure a genius will stick out. But us ordinary people. Without help. We just drown in the mass. 


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