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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Update on the Youtube copyright claims against my music..

So month back I contacted Sonosuite (music publisher) about a person who had published music
through them claiming ownership of  my songs on youtube.  (In videos other people had made)

I just noticed that the spotify songs this person had uploaded had disappeared, so
maybe Sonosuite did something?

Remember, you can do what ever you want with my music for free. Even use them on spotify as they
are used in podcasts etc.  But please don't claim my music in things other people have made!

I think this might be a winning strategy. Taking them down by writing directly
to the music publisher.

So people, if you get copyright claims. TELL ME!

So I will write the music publishers.


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  1. It's good news, I love your work and what you do for people. Greetings