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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Unequalized sub bass and the problems it causes..

I was looking into different sub bass techniques and loaded a naked (without any fx)
sine wave into Harmor..

Holy cow that thing made both me and my wife anxious when it was played at extremely
low frequencies.. That made me google into low frequency sounds and anxiety..

There is a perfectly good reason why low frequencies make us anxious. They are usually
connected to predators. Earthquakes. Calamities.

Now here is the thing. In modern EDM you usually have audio engineers who mix
the songs. While they do it. They filter out extreme low end of the frequencies at
20 - 30 hz. Which actually are no longer even audible. But you can FEEL them.

A lot of kids probably do sub bass not thinking about that. They just let the sub bass
be in a channel, without equalizer. Not really knowing what they do..

It is probably causing a lot of people problems. .

 I like music with less bass.. When I make music, I tend to use overly simple,
sampled bass guitars / ready made patches that I have found to work.

I really love how orchestra is set up. The low coming from double bass / bass string to
the high of triangles and piccolos. I am not a fan of extreme wall of sound that you hear
these days.. But then again, maybe it is just me.

But yes. The low end in my tracks could be a lot better..


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