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Thursday, February 21, 2019

The music that we fall in love with when we were kids.

We were talking with my wife about the music of our teen years. How it hit us so hard.
How it defines our music taste for the rest of our lives.

She had some bad years back then and liked heavy, dark, metal music. I on the other hand
was riding the 80'es pop wave and my life was peaches.

The truth is. She still listens to that music when she feels bad. I no longer listen to my tunes
too much. But every now and then. Like walking, on Spotify.

The truth is. In our teens we feel stronger than we ever will again. Our brain is most impressionable.

When kids look at their parents and wonder why they are so "made of stone", unable to get
what they get.

It is simple. It just about some stem cells in the brain. About the brain being malleable when you
are young.

You GET things. More than you ever will again. Sure you may learn. But you are not going to
be the teen age hormone monster with brain ABLE to ADAPT to your circumstances.

The funny thing is. Those kids who wonder why their parents are the way they are. Ten years
later find themselves listening to new music, wondering. WTF is this shit?

It is not really better, or worse. It is just pop music of the time. But they can no longer relate.


The exception is that when we get older, we may become more drawn to new kinds of music,
because.. Music is a key to emotions. What artists do when they suffer, scream. Making music.

They find keys. Keys to emotions. The keys we love to use when we are younger are often
about energy: partying, feeling like jumping up and down, making love, driving too fast..

Those keys are not exactly what we feel in our forties. In our forties and older we want keys that
unlock the  peaceful, calm, re-assuring feelings. We no longer want to climb up a cliff wall and
make love like a rabbit. Because.. We can not..


I think that is what music and all art is. A key. A key to a feeling.

If we did not feel a thing. Would music serve a purpose?

Sure you could look at it logically. Music has a structure. Sure, you would not understand
what drive's the structure. You would not understand why it is "beautiful". Because beauty
is just a emotion. Logically it is just a logical structure. But you could look at it as harmonies. Corresponding melodies. Repeating patterns: melodies, counter - melodies, responding to a beat.

Beat that has rung since our ancestors first began beating on leather skins somewhere in
the African jungles / deserts.

Heartbeat. Combined with grunts, that have developed to speech, singing, music.

Our brains singing to each other. Trying to say something.

For selfish reasons . Crying for help. Trying to seduce. Trying to keep people away
Thinking about past.

Forever caught by emotions. Feeling unresolved.


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