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Monday, February 11, 2019

Social media app that is built like a torrent client.

(I posted this on reddit, that is why I referred to reddit in the end)

I was just thinking why usenet was forgotten and it made me ask.

What if there was a social media app that was built like torrent client?

There would be no interest on anyone to spy on it. To advertise on it. To distort it to a way that maximizes their buck.

Videos could be hosted in youtube.. Sure youtube would get hits.. But they would not see everything you write. Pictures at image sharing site.
If the clients were connected to the internet all the time. The clients could also themselves share this information between them. Sure they would have to be aware of each other. But that could be solved right?

It could come with built in filters that would automatically filter out things you don't want to see, like naked people, curse words or what ever..

That would take off the whole need for Facebook.

I mean this is how internet was built for years. Usenet, bittrorrent, email (which still is). It was all built around servers spread around the world, that could be accessed via client.

Why did we leave this model behind? I know Facebook and other social media sites have decentralized servers. But they all come with the cost of Facebook using the information against us.

If there was such a client, if it was open source like linux. Would not people prefer something like that to a huge corporation trying to use the information against them, trying to manipulate them into buying products etc?

How hard could it be to make such a thing?

I mean the only opposing party to this I think would be the intelligence gathering community, the advertisers, the countless companies benefiting from Facebook. The stock holders. The people working for Facebook..

While we are at it.. What if the same was done for everything. Even reddit (here come the down votes and moderator taking this message of?) Turning the whole interent to the way it used to be.. Decentralized servers, serving free client apps used by the end user.

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