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Monday, February 4, 2019

First feature length movie my music has been in ..

So I began this morning like any other.. Got up thinking I am going to make music..

Downloaded Izotope Trash plugin to start messing with my guitar..

Then I got a email from guy called Eric Nye..

He said he had used my tune in feature length movie..

So.. I watched the film instead of making music.

And it was banging! It reminds me of Fargo, Leon, Fight Club and silence of the lambs.

Yes, silence of the lambs..

Of course due to it being zero budget film it uses same actors in multiple parts, but if
you can see past that. It has great cuts. Great script, great acting perfect red herrings
and HELL OF a end..

Ending reminds me of my epilepsy a little.. I felt for the main character due to that..

So here is the film:

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