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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Synnyin Suomeen





I added small tweaks.

The song from yesterday with a little less personal delivery and no
distortion in the mix. I also tweaked with the mix and instrumentation to make it sound better.

About the song: 

After brief bout of super tiredness and some hallucinations (hypganogic?) last weekend, I now have pretty bad tinnitus now probably due to the epilepsy meds or damage to my brain. (Last weekend could have been a new kind of a seizure I dont know, my reality is becoming weirder and weirder.)  So my days of making music might be numbered. 

The docs do not seem to care and I can not take my epilepsy meds because
my grand mals are so severe. I do not think Ill get better anymore.  This song is about that. (they wanted me to wait to talk about it on my next 
phone call with neurologist week and a half from when it happened, the 
only doctor in a huge hospital at night was sympathetic, but said he understand nothing about epilepsy) (This is the reality of socialized health care in Finland) 

But Ill do it as long as I can. 

Translation to the lyrics after the Finnish ones. 


c#minor a b c#minor 

Paskahousuna joo mä synnyin tänne, 
maahan meidän, esi isien. 

Isä teki töitä, minä oli ylpee
joo tuli kasari oltiin rikkaita. 

Pian olin poika joo ja katoin vaissii
seinällä oli pomon perse joo.

c# C#sus4 
Synnyin, synnyin Suomeen. 
c# C#sus4 
lottovoittaiaja olin minä juu. 

Sitten tuli lama tuli konkka kultainen 
isä sekä äiti sai tuomion. 

Isä meni linnaan, yritin olla isä 
eihän siitä mitään, tullut totta kai. 

Masennuin ja mietin, itsaria yksin
veromies iski, oli ysäri. 


Aloin tehdä musaa, taisin olla hullu 
kirjoitin inter-nettiin runoja. 

Ihme kyllä löysin netistä mä vaimon 
sen piti olla jenkki, jee tottakai. 

Joo me oltiin köyhii, mutta oli rakkaus 
kaikki näytti hetken, hyvin toiselta.


Sitten minä sain, sain tän pirun taudin 
siinä meni paljon, paljon vuosia. 

Paska tuli housuun niinkuin silloin joskus
kun satoi lunta ja oli lokakuu. 

Synnyin suomeen, kuolin suomeen 
maahan tähän, esi-isien. 


Born In Finland 

Shit in my pants, I was born here 

land of our forefathers. 

Father was working, I was proud, 

yea the eighties came we we were rich. 

Soon I was a boy and watching Vice

on my wall there was the ass of boss yea (springsteen). 


Born, born in Finland 
I had won in lottery yea.
(Finnish saying it is like winning in lottery 
to be born in Finland.) 

Then the recession came, bankruptcy golden, 
my mother and father were sentenced. 

Dad went to jail, I tried to be father. 
That did not work of course. 

I got depressed and thought of suicide alone
the taxman struck, it was the nineties. 


I began making music, I guess I was nuts
I wrote poems to the net. 

Miracle happened and I found a wife. 
She had to be American, of course. 

We were poor, but we had love. 
Everything seemed very different for a while. 


Then I got this damn disease. 
That took a lot, a lot of years. 

I shat my pants like back then once. 
When it was snowing and it was October (I was born) 

I was born, I died in Finland 
in this country of our forefathers. 


The project is made with FLstudio v 20.01!

 The FLP file is at: (2 Synnyin Suomeen.zip)  
(I began from beginning) 

It uses:

Izotope trash 2 (google it, I used the trial version) 

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