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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Iceman And Angel




EDIT Sorry for the mixup as I was uploading the songs, first one of the
instruments had been dragged one bar off.. Then I realized I uploaded the
new instrumental to my vocal site.. Sigh.. :D 6 hours straight of working on a song..

Today's song began as exploration into what makes "In The Air Tonight". So I used Prophet 5 emulation, used gated reverb on some of the drums.. 

Initially I could have written just a copy of "In the Airtonight", actually even used CR 78 drum machine clone to have those drums in it.. But then because I wanted the song to be my own.. I began changing it to its current form.. 

The lyrics were VERY cliched, a kind of version of my life where I did not
stay together with my wife. Which I did! :D But writing songs, you do what you
do. It is hard to write perfection each time, draw from ones own life.

Sometimes you have to use your poetic licence and ride the cliche train..

Furthermore, I am certain there are countless real life icemen and angels who
tried to hook up with each other and ended up just like in the song.. In the airports
you sense those kinds of situations between sad lovers all the time..

So this one is for them..


Iceman And Angel

i was made 
from ice 
were an angel of light 

for a while we 
were lovers 
for a while we 
had each other 

in this world so 
two strangers 

Ice man and angel 

Ice man and angel 
making fire 

the cold 
it froze your wings
your light 
to fade 

I should have known 
you would freeze 
up here 
in the ice
and snow 

Ice man and angel 

Ice man and angel 
making fire 

we had our moments 
had our fights 
we had our roller coaster rides 
when i kissed you i just felt 
the ice in me begin to melt 

the last glimpse that I saw of you 
was in a airplane 
leaving soon 
and there was nothing I could do 
I knew I had to live without


just ice man 

Ice man and angel 

Ice man and angel 


The project is made with FLstudio v 20.01!

 The FLP file is at: (84 Iceman And Angel.zip)  

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