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Thursday, January 10, 2019

I contacted sonosuite that is sending claims on behalf of Rafaella Villette

I actually found out the oublishing company that is sending the youtube claims, so I sent them email. 

To: maarten@lacupulamusic.com 

People are publishing my songs published under creative commons 3.0 and sending copyright claims under sonosuite label on youtube!

A person called Rafaella Villette is publishing my songs through your label:


First one "Nueva York" is mine Nectar of God:


Second one "Not Anymore" is my "Chords stay the same":


Third "Not playing games", is my "Background Rock"


4th "Can do something", is my "booty groove":


5th "Quiz" is my "Random Electronica"


I also have found out that I get claims from Rafaella Villette on behalf of you and Tink Mi Joke Records:

Random Electronica: Quiz - Rafaella Villette: SonoSuite on behalf of Tink Mi A Joke Records

Small Town Girl: Probably Later - Rafaella Villette: SonoSuite on behalf of Tink Mi A Joke Records

I do not mind that. Since I said people can do what ever they please with them. 

I know they wont make a lot of money out of it because I was not making any money out of it when
I published the songs through routenote.com .

This has completely tarnished my reputation.

Do not you guys have a policy like routenote asking if the songs have been previously published,
that even if there are public domain sounds. You can not publish it?

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