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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Getting claims against my music on Youtube?

I uploaded pretty much all my songs to Youtube and 3 songs got a false copyright 
claim. (All claims were from songs I had never heard) 

The songs were:

tiger rock 
syrup for orchestra 

I wrote Kevin McLeod about youtube claim trolling and he wrote me this:

He actually used to get 50 claims A WEEK against his music.. Sigh..

So just dispute the claims!

PEOPLE TELL ME IF YOU GET CLAIMS! (anttinorthwest@hotmail.com)  I will contact the music publishers directly.


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  1. Thanks Antti, continuing to dispute these as they come up! We need to find both Rafaella Villette, and Tink Me a Joke Records, because both of their names keep coming up on these claims, under that Notorious Sonosuite!