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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Still going about Article 13 and EU.

So I guess I am spending my morning reading about article 13 instead of making music, this made me lol: 


"Public supporters of the Directive, which lost out on being passed through Parliament in its current form in July, include Sir Paul McCartney, Jean Michel Jarre and music trade bodies worldwide."

So those guys do not have enough money? Southpark had a episode in the nineties
about Napster: 

God is not that the truth.. I guess we now know why they do it. For the money.. 

I guess they are showing their.. 

Here is a good article.. 


"The commonsense amendments in support of UGC, freedom of panorama, and calling for support of the public domain were all voted down."

So basically everything I am doing here is illegal.. I guess they can make a new southpark episode about Cartman, Kyle and Stan moving to Europe and sharing a meme and then being whisked away by the local swat team so that they can be taught that the media giants are suffering because they now have hyperlinked to their precious articles.. 

Sounds like one giant ass reaming to me.. 

I see the father of Linus Torvalds (Who is a member of European parliament from Finland). voted against this, probably because his son wrote code that he released free for all to use. 

Under this new law I wonder how that works? Someone copyrights the code or part of the code and bye bye linux? Even if that someone is just trolling he can bring things to a halt in projects that otherwise would be rocking on.. At least in Europe, which means that if you have a white hot public domain project. Better do it elsewhere..

This is the problem with lawmakers, they take things too far. They sit far removed from reality and lets face it. The lawmakers doing these laws are old, they do not understand how the current generations work. 

It is basically the same situation as in the United States, they are influenced not only by the people but by.. Lobbyists. Someone whispers sweet promises to them about how their life is going to be after the career in Euro Parliament is over. 

A retirement place in board of music company A, or B, if you work diligently on getting other members to fall in line with this. Maybe a nice cocktail dinner with Paul McCartney at hotel Ritz Paris and the next thing you know your kids can not hyperlink their memes on the Facebook.. 

But hey, you are going to be getting 30k euros a month until you die. So who cares right? 

Meanwhile, yeah.. Paul McCartney and Jean Michel Jarre are going to be making more money on the few years before they die. 

Well, good luck choking on that lobster.

Now back to our scheduled programming.. 

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