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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

So.. These copyright protection laws are going on in US too..

Senate passes music modernization act:


This one was actually being fought by Paul McCartney:


I guess because in America they wont have to pay copyright fees for radio if the songs are pre 1972..

:D (I imagine Paul McCartney benefits a lot from songs written pre 1972) (Yea, he was FOR the European Article 13)

Since I have been living in complete news blackout.. (I saw this on twitter that I still read)

I am beginning to see that this seems to be a worldwide movement..

Of course in EU they took it further than this..

I can see that what US is doing is a little bit easier to oversee.. Call me jaded, but I am going to be
surprised if this actually is going to benefit musicians.. Who knows, maybe I am wrong. I would gladly be proved wrong..

The EU version of this law.. Would change the world.. I mean if you can just write articles and be paid for them.. Would mean that journalists would probably not want to work for newspapers anymore, they would just write columns and the best ones would be picked up for syndication..

They could be paid by multiple sources.. No one would want to work (maybe) for a label anymore,
since they would be paid for their creations.. Which is why I do not understand why Sony Universal would stand behind it.. Unless if they have some plan to get some of that money from songwriters themselves.. Which made me instantly be dubious about this plan..

Me ranting about this turning into EU wide surveillance system.. That was because.. How could the monitoring work? It would have to be insane effort! Just holding websites responsible for this.. At the very minimum you would have to have a massive government organization overseeing it..

And while you build such a government organization.. It would HAVE TO be able to monitor INSANE amount of web traffic / websites.. A true internet police.. Which would be not too far from having NSA listening posts.. (Yea, there probably are European equivalents already, but they probably would have to take it a little further)

Now in US.. I wonder how that is going to work too..

I guess we'll have to wait and see.. Maybe it is all going to work beautifully.. Or it is going to fall flat on its face.. What do I know..

I wonder if this is going to lead to copyright free music being played by radio and other sources who do not want to pay more in copyright fees.. :D

I guess me chiding Paul McCartney is like pot calling kettle black, because what upset me at first was that this was going to influence creative commons licences (since creative commons IS against this, and I read articles that this could hurt public domain in general).. So in the end ME.. But then again.. I guess we are all acting out of selfish interest in the end..

I'll skip making a song this morning (going to doc with my wife)


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