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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Rento Renkutus

I began my morning watching this tutorial.. I took two things from it (the flp is available in the comments of the video.. The fx for the guitar (which I replaced with DVS, since I do not have the musiclab plugin featured in the video) and fx for the bass played by sytrus.. 

On this video once again I used the "Paint a scale on a piano roll and mess around with it..".. It worked beautifully.. The beginning chords and melody, which repeat throughout the song with slight melody variations were completely drawn with a mouse, instead of me playing them with keyboard.. Heck.. I am one of the cool kids now.. 

I tried to do those fast variations with DVS, but it just did not work out.. So I went with chill feeling.. What surprised me was that I was using the default FLstudio metal FPC drums and they came out as.. Wait for it..

Wait for it.. 

Reggae.. Turns out if you play metal drums at 75.. The song turns out reggae.. :D 

I also made the chords a little more jovial.. I did not feel like writing yet 
another sad song.. 

The song name means "Relaxed Jingle".. About.. 


The project is made with FLstudio v 20:

 The FLP file is at: (79 Rento Renkutus.zip)  

 It uses:

   Spicy Guitar:  



Dvs guitar

Don Allen's Timbres of Heaven soundfont (used by flstudio soundfont player to play steel drum)


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