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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Article 13

#politicalhumor #hiphop

Article 13

its slowly coming true
yea the big brother's watching you
better be careful in the shower
humming this tune
soon they'll take you away too

and they'll put you away with your kids
who dared to share a meme
using sony universal characters in their parodies
ya'll get the chair and then you'll fry
that will teach ya, not to to
do the crome..

Sony Universal makes half a million an hour from streaming
but that is not enough
they want more, they want a golden gulfstream 650
for every single executive in the office
because that is nice
and you know, fuck you and fuck your kids

Paul McCartney and Jean Michel Jarre agree
they want more money
because life is hard when you are flying
with your ordinary gulfstream g 650
because it is not like golden gulfstream g 650
which is basically like a big middle finger
for all the people out there
and it feels good to show..

We are for article thirteen, we are the people
so do not you hum our tunes
until you have paid the licensing fees plus the tax
we will want to install mircophones in your home
to vigorously protect our liberties
to take your hard earned money
and put it in our pockets
then we can send our servants to go to the stores
and buy us more lobster and caviar
that goes well with that champagna..


We are so happy
that the eu has voted to pass article 13
and hopefully we will get to the
installing microphones part in the near future
thankfully soon
your children will no longer be able to post memes of us
thank God
they were horrible.

Fuck public domain..

Signed, all mentioned before.


The project is made with FLstudio v 20:

 The FLP file is at: (73 Article 13.zip)  

It uses:

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