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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

My reaction to Article 13 passing..

EDIT: Next day. I see the final vote is in next January.. Lets  hope it does not pass.

So user called rrosko2 innocently asked me a question about article 13 on reddit today:

"Is this stuff going to be avalaible after article 13?"

This was my response, sorry for the expletives:

"Holy fuck. Because of my struggles with epilepsy and super anxiety disorder, I have lived in complete news blackout. I do not want to read news because it triggers my anxiety..
This is complete bullshit.
If this means that they have to download my 2300 songs and put them on some nazi database that they are going to compare to every video / game out there and forbid their use because I have released them under creative commons 3.0 by.. Fuck them..
I wish I was a healthy man and I could move with my wife to her home country the United States. Too bad I am sick as fuck and can not afford the medical treatment there..
Fuck the EU! I am a god damn artist who has chosen to give my music for free!!! Who the fuck are they to tell me that others can not use my music?!
If this Boing Boing article is right:
"And then there's the matter of banning Creative Commons licenses.
In order to bail out the largest newspapers in the EU, the Commission is proposing a Link Tax -- a fee that search engines and sites like Boing Boing will have to pay just for the right to link to news stories on the web. This idea has been tried before in Spain and Germany and the newspapers who'd called for it quickly admitted it wasn't working and stopped using it."
This basically is open war against the nobodies of art / music who have only one thing against the established artists, that we give our music out for free!
Under the new law me quoting the article is illegal I guess..
Well.. Good luck motherfuckers.. Some God damn pencil pushers in fucking Brusselrs decide to change the whole fucking world..
I bet the shit heads are goose stepping all the way to reichhall and saluting each other for the great deed they have done..
Long live the motherfucking motherland.. I hope it burns down to the fucking ground.. I am probaly not in this fucking world too long anyway.. My wife can at least fly back to states..
If the boing boing article is true, do not worry about are these going to be available.. The whole fucking internet is going to turn into a God damn nazi state if the article holds water..
And sorry for the people who use my music if this comes to pass..
All I wanted was to give my music away for free..

Addition next day:

It is not for musicians like me. It is for musicians who do not release their music for free under creative commons. It is for the ones who want money, who want to get paid. I do not.
I have my music on videos out there with over a million views:
And the reason for that is that I have released my music for free. .
I did not want to get paid..
If people have to pay for my music. . If they can not monetize their channels.. All those videos.. I do not know if they can be streamed, at least in Europe anymore.. Those people might be tempted into remaking those videos with some other music.. Because they are using my music due to creative commons..
EU should respect the musicians who want to release their music for free under creative commons. It is simple as that. If they only want to pamper the ones who want to get paid.
I am voting for anyone who is for Finexit.. (Finland leaving EU)

(EDIT Nice to know that Finland voted 69% against it, smart people like father of Linus Torvalds (guy who released Linux) know that this is total horsecrap! (EDIT EDIT Poop, only father of linux and two other people were against it in the latest vote, somehow the rest had been swayed to the dark side:)

Antti Luode

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