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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Gambler On The Run

Here is a old one from 2013.. I wrote new words to it.. I had words on it but for what ever reason
I removed it from my vocal site.. It is super dark.. I am feeling like total crap due to tooth removal
and flu and other things.. So I just ran with that feeling.. Like Leonard Cohen wrote, make it darker.. :D

If you do not want to be depressed, do not listen to this song..

When I went through my instrumentals, I picked songs I want to sing on.. This is one of them.

I was thinking should I even publish it, but then I remember I used to listen to very dark songs as a kid, like "Roof Is Leaking" by Phil Collins.. So why not..


Gambler On The Run

Just another gambler
betting fortune
trying to find a way
trying to make it through
trying to pass death
living for distraction
in a world of pain
without a clue

gambler on the run
what have you done
what did you bet
what did you expect

did it help you
to forget

what ever it is
you are running from

you get nothing with you when you go
it is all in vain
just endless attempts at chasing a high
that ends up in a grave

some have babies
some have companies
some write songs
but in the end
what do we have

houses that fall apart in time
companies that cease to exist
songs that no one cares about
babies that die
gravestone forgotten in time

gabmler on the run

just another

gambler on the run


The project is made with FLstudio v 20:

 The FLP file is at: (63 Gambler On The Run.zip)  

It uses:

Mausynth 10 by Pekka Kauppila


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