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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Whiskey Blues

#jazz #blues

I wrote lyrics to my instrumental "Moonshine Blues" from today.. 

The idea came to me last night in a dream.. :D

Whiskey Blues

it was late one evening 
i was drinking whiskey 
it had been this way 
for a long long time 

my baby left me 
cause i need my whiskey 
but this time it just 
was not cutting it 

so i went out 
to the cold cold night
i froze my face
so i took a sip 

to warm my guts 
singing whiskey blues 
what did i do
i guess 
my sins are due 

so i walking 
i am walking 
to the package store 

and no one stops 
when i lift my finger 
i guess they do not care 

that i am freezing my ass off 

that i am dying

one sip at a time

and i am thinking of my baby 

oh she was too good 

for someone like me 

a wretched wreck 

singing whiskey blues 

give me some love 

dear God

before I die 

buried alive 

in this damn snow 

on the damn side of this road

that just goes and on 

like the damn song 




The project is made with FLstudio v 20:

 The FLP file is at: (23 Whiskey Blues.zip)  

It uses:

Superwave P8

NI Kore player  (standing bass) 

(I know Kore player has been discontinued by Native Instruments, but I did 
find this download link at brothersoft, I do not know if you can register the 
instrument anymore though.)

Piano one by Sound Magic

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