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Sunday, August 12, 2018

What Is Wisdom Anyway

#Adult Contemporary

Based on my instrumental "And You My Love" from July 9th 2018

What Is Wisdom Anyway

i do not understand this world
sometimes i think i do
oh how i used to preach
when I was young
i was fool and then some

i do not claim to be smarter
as the years go by
frankly i do not know
what wisdom is
than a kiss

so i try not
to preach
so i try not
to tell you
how it is
cause I do not know

what is wisdom anyway
but pride
and arrogance

it is so hard to admit
yes i am a fool
to truly know
you have
no clue

the wise fall
in love
just like the birds
their wisdom
can not save
them from the pain

what is wisdom anyway
but pride
and arrogance



The project is made with FLstudio v 20:


 The FLP file is at: (34 What Is Wisdom Anyway.zip)


It uses:

Sonatina Orchestra Module by Mattias Westlund and bigcat instruments:


Valo VST: (the link to the vst can be found in this thread at KVR)


 NI Kore player  (Standing Bass)

(I know Kore player has been discontinued by Native Instruments, but I did
find this download link at brothersoft, I do not know if you can register the
instrument anymore though.)


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