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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Two good tutorials on how to make tunes..

Couple good tutorials..

This morning I was having extremely shitty morning.. But I did manage to find couple good tutorials
that kind a blew my mind..

First a tutorial on how to make trap melodies:

It blew my mind what he did.. He just painted the scales on the piano roll and then began painting
melody on top of the scale.. I actually thought I had to learn chords.. But this guy.. He said he does not even know chords.. But still he is making very decent sound tunes.. And got tons of views..

Then.. How to make 808.. I always thought I need a 808 instrument.. Yea..


Know.. You need a kick sample, Edison (built in to fl studio) and that is it:

I actually went back to my yesterdays project and added 808 (what he told not to do because it is
"too easy" lol) kick to my bass line.

It actually did not go in tune.. So I adjusted the pitch on the 808 kick with Gtune on FX channel until it was perfect...

So now I know a lot more how to make rap tunes..

I wish I had known this years ago.. But no.. I had to make my endless Jazz tunes with same melodies..

Reason I did it? It was therapy.. It has been extremely shitty 7 years..

Hope you find this useful..


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