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Sunday, August 19, 2018

I Want To Be Touched By Angel

Turn on the limiter on master channel.. I turned it off because I rendered the song to wav files so that I can render mp3s easy without cutting off the long tail end of all the delays and reverbs in the end.. 

This was my first song to use amplifier simulations.. I also learned that one has to put the capo on the metal fret of the guitar not over the strings.. Else it makes all notes out of tune.. I had to use capo to play the c# chord.. 

The Guitar simulations are on this video:



The song was inspired by Stainsby Girls by Chris Rea and my wife.. 

I Want To Be Touched By Angel

in this world so 
dark and gray 
i want something 
that is not pain 

something pure 
angels smile
like i was saved


i want to be touched 
by an angel 
i want to blessed 
in the sun

i want to a reason 
to live this life 
through the days 
when i want to cry 


i know 
what i want 
its you 
it always was

there is 
no one else 
on this earth 
i could want more



The project is made with FLstudio v 20:

 The FLP is at: (43 I Want To Be Touched By Angel.zip)


It uses:

DSK Rhodez


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