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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Coming Back To Life



I Am Coming Back To Life


E#min a#min E#min f

1 4 1 2

I have been treated
for years now 
like a leper
I have been praying 
for a miracle to come.

My emotions have taken a hit 
Ive sailed like the titanic 
Ive sunk in to the cold waters 
I thought it was all over 



f# b 
1 4

e b
1 5

but here I am again 
coming back to life 
from the sleep of dead 
coming back to life 

coming back to life 
and oh it is so sweet 
it is a feeling oh so right 
coming back to life 


lets do a little bit rock and roll
celebrate this highway of life we are on 
look around and see 
look around and touch 
it is all good, alright

God can raise the dead 
make the lepers walk 
God can be good so good 
hallelujah amen 

but when you are in pain 
it is so hard to see 
the purpose of this life 
you just gotta believe 

you gotta pray 
coming back to life 
it can happen to you 
if just believe 

for once I was blind 
but now I can see 
the scales have been removed
from my own eyes 


half time


lets celeberate 
this life 
just open 
your eyes 
see the stars 
on the sky 
let the light, inside 

let it shine let it shine 
let it light the darkness in your mind 
until you find 
i am coming back to life 


The project is made with FLstudio v 20:

 The FLP is at: (45 Coming Back To Life.zip)


It uses:

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