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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Mr Captain


I wrote lyrics to my instrumental "midi sax" I made today.

I am literally reading the weather forecast in this song.. :D

Mr Captain

where the air is clear
undearneath the wings 
where the clouds they float
where there are no roads

Mr Captain 
can you take me someplace
where there still is magic
where the food is fantastic 

i do not need no need palm trees
i could have some snow
it has been a looong summer
i could have some cold

take me to the Iceland
where i hear it rains
i could have some gray clouds
i would not mind a chill

in a speeding jet
going someplace fast
way up on sky 
leaving heat behind

take me to the Norway 
oh Canada
how i long for ice
even sleet would do

Mr Captain 
Speed up 
hook me up 
ice (repeat)
snow (repeat)

lets go 

I want to see some reindeers, 
and polar bears
spend a night in igloo 
watch whales swim in ice

up in the arctic 
way above the pole 
have ice in my drink 
watching at the snow

i do not want no palm trees
i do not need no sand 
where my shoes are melting 
i do not need no tan

Mr Captain 
can you take me someplace
where there still is magic
where the food is fantastic 

someplace someplace
someplace someplace 
lets go 

weather forecast for the next week 
16 14 14 12 12 12 13 13
you guys have it made
Mr Captain lets go 

or how about Nuuk Greenland
12 10 7 7 9 8 8 8
oh yeah.. 

Mr Captain
lets go 
Mr Captain 
faster please..


The project is made with FLstudio v 20:

 The FLP file is at: (15 Mr Captain.zip)  

It uses:

NI Kore player  (standing bass) 

(I know Kore player has been discontinued by Native Instruments, but I did 
find this download link at brothersoft, I do not know if you can register the 
instrument anymore though.)

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