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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

On this boony ass road (You will find me)

I wrote words to my instrumental piece "Giddy Up Pardner" 

On this boony ass road

On the county line 
see the sun see it shine
above the posted signs
where the field meets the sky 

where ever I go 
where ever I ride 
you are

right there 
with me on 
this boony 
ass road 

in my heart 
in my soul 
on this boony ass road 

and there is nothing 
for miles 
but you 
and my piles

too much 
I need prepartion 

Here in my truck 
I am shit 
out of luck 

where ever I go 
on this boonie ass road
where ever I ride 
right there I will sigh 

Where is my babe 
and my preparation H 
on this boony ass road 
you will find me 


my truck 
broke down 
on the county line 

and I got no preparation H 
and I got no babe

On this boony ass road 
you will find me 
you will find me


The project is made with FLstudio 12.3! :


The FLP is at: (175 On This Boony Ass Road (You will find me) .zip)

!! new google drive account (the old one got full)


It uses:

 Cellofan Cello:


Valo VST: (the link to the vst can be found in this thread at KVR) 


Sampletank 3 free: (Grandpiano SE)


AGML Lite 2 (Free)


  NI Kore player 


DSK harmonica (new)


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