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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Checking out the new kids..

So I have become more and more aware of this Skrillex (Sonny John Moore) guy. Everyone wants to copy his style, full of vocal chops.. Massive electronic saws..

It was interesting to read about his history. He seemed to come to the scene about 2004 with his band
"First to last" that was a new twist on linkin park style industrial rock.. Then in 2007 he resigned
and started to do his own stuff.

Now here is the thing. They were very good, sold well.. But I guess the guy felt he did not want to
be just a lead singer. 

Oh. The blessings of youth and skill.. He went on to write and produce some very good stuff indeed..

I would lie if I did not admit that I would love to be young and talented like him. I guess when I
started making music at age 26 I had already lost the game by coming in to the scene too late..

Making music really is all about having that inner fire, inner faith, excitement and then ofcourse skill.

When you get them all combined.. You get to be skrillex. Well, Godspeed young man. May
life treat you right..



Monday, April 2, 2012

Phil Collins - Both sides of the story..

The year was 1993.   I had been a long time Phil Collins fan. (No I am not Norman Bates). Phil
Collins released his first new solo album since But seriously! (1989) I remember the year well.

For me it was crappy. I had to go to army that fall and I was not exactly looking forward to it.
My family was slowly but surely sliding into destructive banktrupcy.

I was hoping that the new Phil Collins album would have been like But Seriously which I had
really fond memories of.

But as always. Nothing stays the same. So I bought the album and listened to it and my initial
impression was WTF.

"But Seriously" was one of those albums that no longer gets played because it was polished
to a perfection at a time when perfect polish was still hard to do. It had guest musicians
and massive super hit "Another day in paradise".

When I bought Both Sides. I did not get it.

It was dark, it was weird sounding. Not polished to perfection as But Seriously.

Ofcourse there was a reason. Phil Collins considers Both Sides as his best work and now
looking at it with the perspective of a crappy musician. I can see why. See. He made it
all himself. Heck, he even wrote the sleeve notes.

And the tracks are not half bad.

If you are depressed the fuck out of your mind.

Which I ended up being later on that year.

I remember listening to the both sides after the lights went out in the barracks.
Watching at the cold shadows in the room while my fellow soldier mates
where fast off to dream land, farting and snoring.

I think that is when I started to purchiate the lyrics like "We are survivors in
the night" (survivors) "while sons follow in fathers footsteps not understanding
that what they do could somehow be so wrong" (We wait and we wonder)

I guess "we wait and we wonder" hit doubly hard since the finnish army marching
song goes "the same echo is of our steps, our instinct knows it is true, as from
below the hills, fathers are watching their sons"

And the instrumentation. I think Phil did great job. Most of the album reminds me
of Genesis "Dreaming while you sleep", it has that same etheral synth vibe to it.

It was a album that helped me to move on. It was not packed full of feel good hits
but as a kind of a background music for hard times. It was perfect.

And the weirdest thing. I hated it for years. I guess I was feeling better. I had connected
the music with those times.. But now that I am listening to it. It hits me the same
it hit me in 1993.

I guess I am troubled (severe anxiety disorder) and I need music that helps me to
deal with hard times again..