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Sunday, December 6, 2020

Spirit (A poem)



In our core - machines
not unlike Legos;
move about like typehead
on a typewriter
punching molecules in and out.

It is all very mechanical - this, life
that we call magical.

A collection of eons
typing in viruses
and famines, beings
that were our forefathers;
killing each other,
for the right to spread their seed.

But what is this? A man claims:

"Consciousness is borne out of a
magnetic halo
radiating from within our machine
like factories
endlessly writing the story of life
like monkeys."

Transcending -
the mechanical structure.

So, maybe. We are not these,
machines. Endlessly typing in
nucleic acid letters.

But the momentary
briefly captured by
a human, being.


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