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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Gypsy Heart / Ding Dong (Vocal version)



Ding Dong

ding dong 

ding dong 

another human is gone 

ding dong 

ding dong 

to the grave he has gone 


to the man 

who buries his head in sand 

ding dong 

oh devil what have you done 

it is just the devil 

playing chess 

with God 

and he is winning 

by far 

hey human 

what was your name 

what God

did you pray 


Here comes the end 

of the song 

but the chess 

it goes


and on 




he project is made with Fl Studio v 20.7 

The FLP file is at: (209 Gypsy Heart.zip)

It uses:

Kontakt 6: (factory library)

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