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Monday, August 3, 2020

I was asked what cause to donate for by a person who wanted to use my music on reddit. This is what I answered.

"I have a slowly bleeding vein (cavernoma) that is slowly bleeding to my brain causing me to have epilepsy and other psychiatric problems.

So if you are in US you could donate to Angioma alliance:


If you are in UK cavernoma alliance:


If you are in some other country, maybe you can find a epilepsy / brain damage foundation that works for you.

If you do feel like donating. Any cause really! And thank you a lot if you will! :)

I really do wish that DOCTORS knew more about cavernoma's, in my case they dropped the ball entirely. Ideally I would like DOCTORS to be better educated about this possibility. Ideally I would like doctors to send more patients with weird neurological symptoms to have MRI's / EEG's taken. Worldwide.

God I feel bad for people in third world countries suffering from these kinds of things without access to medications / doctors. I guess they just die.

It would be great if there could be some kind of charity program that would offer surgeries /medications for those people."

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