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Monday, February 3, 2020

The Man Who Loves His Own Words (Prose poem)

The Man Who Loves His Own Words

So you find yourself from a dictatorship. A kingdom. An empire.

Ruled by iron fist.

Having never been there, I can tell you the way you got there: 

It all started in a home somewhere,
with a poor boy or maybe a rich boy,
who received no love
and developed a bad case of narcissism
a disease that afflicts those who were not loved in their youth.

But the problem with mental disease is that it spreads.
It can afflict a whole nation and if you are not careful,
lead to your death.

Because when you love your own words and you think you are brilliant,
it is in that arrogance that lies a seed to a lesson
that time has shown us again and again, to lead to bloody seasons.

It is usually only in the ruins of an empire, in the concentration camps,
in the piles of dead so high, they no longer seem human.
When the lesson begins to ring a bell and leads to a sudden and widespread understanding.

Oh. So. Following this guy was a mistake!

Yes. You can usually pick up the subtle hints when the person is very important sounding,
loves to pose for pictures or portraits, in which he is trying to seem
macho, powerful and somehow.


Paraded by his followers, that may have been you, it is his likeness that becomes like poison
his words so venomous, that by their mere presence,
they infect, leading to a cult of death. That is presented as:

Rosy parade to the glorious gates of heaven.


Time after time, this is true.

But the heaven never comes due to this man, unless if you count in the ones
whom he hounds with his words, blaming for all that is wrong,
with his utter contempt for everyone who will not give in.

Yes. You must worship him. Love him. This is what he absolutely needs!

Lift him on a pedestal and you have it made, say half a word against him and you are ..

His era is brought on by the hateful thoughts in your own head.
It is your own racist notions, your own poisonous feelings that you do not regret
that makes you accept his words: "Let them eat led."

Steel. Arrows. Robots.
It depends on the time period and how big you let his,
merry cult get.

If you do not stamp out this sort of a thing.

It will always lead to the parade:

His picture on the front, flowers thrown in his feet. Children.

Maybe wine and grapes being consumed by him.
Or stern speech on some podium, with smiling steely gaze,
father of the nation inspecting his future troops.

And oh. He knows. He will not live forever.
So. In the end. He has nothing left to lose.
And he will make a big big bet!

With your life.

Something to be remembered by!

For immortality!


All the words he spoke had one aim and one aim only.
To recruit you. To do his bidding! From the start it was clear to him.
Since his childhood that is what he studied. How to gain access to your love!

This is his neat little magic trick.
A little boy with no love for him.
Now showered in it.

Poor boy!

Just by tickling your ear, he now has you
and now, you love him. Or you die!
So, if you see a man who loves his own words.

Just remember.


Will come by.

But then again.

You already knew this.


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