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Sunday, February 2, 2020

Flag Of Any Nation

Flag Of Any Nation

No flag of Rome remains
The changing face
Of nation upon nation
Conqueror taking over
Under a new rag
Bearing a lion
An eagle
A cross
Sickle and gasp
Even a hammer too

Flag of any nation

What is it that makes you so solemnly swear
Respect that its fabric would not tear
Or burn it in the face
Of oppressor
To show you do not respect
What it stands for
This Chinese product
Woven in some sweatshop
By a machine that prints them like shirts
You can change but
You can not remove the dirt

The blood
The tears
Of soldiers following
What they hold dear
Behind the legion standard
The Muslim moon
The Christian cross
And yadiyadiyada
The red white and blue

Flag of any nation

Full of the wise
The lemmings
And bastards too
No one has conquered the world

Although one has sent its men 

To the moon


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