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Thursday, December 26, 2019

On Building Walls

By Antti Luode

Walls, what wonderful things. They keep you safe from the world outside.
Or seen the other way around. They keep you away from the world outside.

Seen from outside, walls make you unable to cross over, to travel in the place
that you are not welcome to. You can try, but if you are not wanted, inside a place
enclosed by walls you are a enemy. A cancer cell, something to fear.

Some places enclosed by walls welcome changes at small doses, other places
do not want any changes at all. The beings inside the walls consider they have
found utopia. A place that has reached perfection, where all they need is to
perpetuate the traditions of their fathers and theirs before.

What madness.

Once upon a time there were no walls, just territories of our distant ancestors,
which moved with the pray, not just small distances, but vast distances that
sometimes were larger than what a lot of modern couch potatoes move in a lifetime.

A lot of us modern people are born to a town somewhere and they never feel
the need to leave. So they stay. Others flee that place like they had received
a buckshot in their behind and never want to return.

Then there are people like me, who have not found a home.

I never had the ordinary dreams. Dreams of settling down and having a family.
I never thought I would find a woman. But somehow, by the grace of God I found
one for a little while and then after 16 years lost her.

I have a restless soul. Yearning for peace.

Which I know I can never find.

Because what is peace?

Peace is not a place, you can not enclose your peace and perfection with walls.

If you have a group of people who feel extra ordinarily happy, it is not something
that happens because they were enclosed by walls. It happens because they happened to have the
good luck of having the right genes and right things happen in their past.

All happiness is built on the misery of the past.

Not on walls.

Happiness is built on wars, on dumb luck, on the right nucleotide acid combinations
which give you ability to be happy, to be smart, to be balanced individual who yearns
for the right things.

That would be the atheist look on it.

A Godly person would say that it is built on Gods grace.

In truth it is too complicated thing to explain in few words what happiness is and
how to guard it. But in short, it is born out of misery.

My forefathers stayed in a country that was subservient to Sweden and Russia. Fighting
their dirty wars because we were conquered. But before that we were barbarians and we
killed each other based on who was the strongest.

Finland has never had walls. Sure there have been some bunkers and fortifications
like the famous Mannerheim line that was built to protect us from Russia. But walls.

Walls crumble.

Walls are nothing.

Walls can not keep outside a motivated enemy, or a thief in the night.

Walls are a challenge. They raise questions.

"What are they protecting?"

Truthfully, these days our countries are perforated by small wormholes in to other
cultures by airports, cellphones, newspapers, tv screens, computers and books of old,
that can not keep us isolated from each other.

We can do our damnest and keep the others out. But we can not keep our walls up.

If we interact with other cultures. We are becoming like them and thus in a short
time, we are going to change to a point where our ancestors would not have recognized
us as their children.

These days, the change is so fast that in my life time (I am 46), you see whole
countries changing to something else within decades.

I am from Finland and when I was a child. It was rare to see a foreign person in
our capital. Helsinki. These days you hear almost as many people talk a foreign
language as you hear Finnish.

I was married to my wife for 16 years. She was from small town Georgia USA and I remember
when I first traveled there. I remember the southern mannerisms were still  very
strong. In 15 years. I barely saw them anymore. I heard that hurricane Katrina
had displaced a lot of people who had moved around her home and there was a vast
change. But I think a lot of it were other things..

The internet. The tv. The freeways bringing in more and more people from other places
and so. The place where I had flown first 15 years earlier was no more.

But that is the truth all over the world.

I have heard that even in cash starved North Korea they are building casinos near
the Chinese border so they could have some much needed foreign currency and with
that I imagine they will receive a lot of cultural interactions that will change
that country for good.

Not just that, but they send their laborers overseas also for foreign currency. We
all know where that leads. When they come home.. They will talk about what
they saw, sing songs they heard and yes. Within a few generations. They will
integrate that into their own lives.

Not that North Korea or any other country will stand for forever.

As a sick man I know that nothing is for forever. We all have to die. We
are so very attached to this world. But in truth. Nothing and I mean nothing
down here lasts forever.

The way we are attached to our countries is ridiculous. We can not keep our countries
from changing. We just simply can not. Sure, we can not handle too fast changes either
which is what causes a lot of problems. But slowly but certainly, we do change.

Not just us as people. But our countries. And it is a certainty that no country,
like no man, is a island. No country will stand forever.

Which is why walls. As a means of protecting countries are useless.

If you want to protect a country. It is like being surrounded by sea and trying
to damn it out. Sure you can do it. But then, you have to exert enormous amount
of energy to check your wall endlessly, to police the people so that they are not
receiving messages from outside.

It is not walls that protect countries. It is people who feel their country is
just and righteous. It is people who will not fight valiantly for their country unless if they
feel their country is worth fighting for.

Fighting for their cultures that they love, fighting for their architects that
have built wondrous things. For their religious leaders who they love or hate,
 for their nightclubs and gangsters, their own particular communities. The
good and the bad. The madness of it all.

Their children.

 Because when they do some calculations, it is the place where they want to die.


And then, they will. Because in the long run, war is certainty. We, the crazy
nut jobs called human beings are just too unstable to keep ourselves from
its madness.

Just like we can not have stable marriages, stable lives. Stable work careers.
Chaos is something innate in us. Something that we can not keep from coming out
through our fingers, mouths and hearts. We just were not built to be all patient,
kind, loving and perfect at all times. We all have bad moments or years, decades.

We are all flawed.

Just like walls are flawed.

So why build flawed walls when all you need to do is to build better countries
that people feel are worth fighting for. Because if you do not do that. Walls
will not do a damn thing. They will just enclose in miserable people who will
be gladly be taken over by some other nation that gives them a better life.

So what do you do if you want to take over a country that has built walls around it?

Maybe send in a recording of top 40 hits by, perhaps a hot air balloon?

Which then propagate through that utopia like a weed that will explode
in the minds of its people like a mushroom cloud.

And soon, having torn down the wall themselves, they will be knocking
 on your door.

 Begging for more.


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