What happened to the soundclick players on the posts?

Seems Soundclick has finally disabled the embedded player.

I notice overnight all the music links on this blog are gone. Here is a blog post on how much that affected my hits: https://anttismusic...

Thursday, October 17, 2019

How much soundclick v5 changes affected my hits.

This is insane:

My vocal stats 30 days:

Instrumental stats 30 days: 

Clearly first of october when soundclick went live with the new V5 changes killed my hits. I think it has to do with the soundclick links on this blog dying. I guess people were listening to the links. Also the changes in the charts if you do not pay. I think I do not show up for 7 days if I do not pay for soundclick which I do not.

It is not only soundclick though. I noticed reddit has removed the endless search function. If you search for "this is a test" on reddit you only get hundred or so hits until you come to the end.

I knew in the past if you sought for free instrumental music. My hits came in multiples on the first page. Not anymore.

In modern internet. It is all "pay for hits". You have to buy advertising time to get hits. . Which is all fair if you are making money. If you are not. Then it just pushes you into obscurity. Internet no longer is the great equalizer it used to be.


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